When reserving journalism equipment & edit suites, please email: equipstu(at)gmail.com  and provide the following information:

Your Name

Phone Number

The word “Bookings” in the subject line of the Email

Request Date/Time

Pick Up Date/Time

Drop Off Date/Time

*Failure to provide the above information may result in your request being superseded by a complete request*

Pick-up/drop-off times are limited to the hours of operation. Equipment is to booked as “FULL Kits“, ie: items can not be removed from kits and booked separately.

PLEASE NOTE: Most equipment bookings are for a 48-hour period.Please email equipstu(at)gmail.com if you have to cancel or change your booking. This allows us to free up equipment for other students.

If you are going to be late returning or picking up equipment or have to reach the student supervisors,  please call 452-9673. Please note this number is NOT to be used to book gear, you MUST email your request.

Equipment Bookings Feb.5-Feb.11,2018

Equipment Bookings Feb.12-18,2018

Equipment Bookings Feb.19-25,2018

Equipment Bookings Feb.26-March 4, 2018